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There’s music in the air….

There’s no denying the fact that music possesses a magic-wand that turns our minds around. A. Len Architect Bureau has used this wand to visually transform and characterise the Lightful House -The Musician- in Vologda City, Russia, through its faade-correction project. -The Lightful House’, a new concept of living space, developed by Seven Suns Development, relies on the creation of attractive living environments, where each of its three projects, -Mi Vmeste’ (-We’re Together’, 2013), -The Musician’ (2014) and -Tvoi Okna’ (-Your Windows’, under construction) has a soul and spirit of its own.

The term -lightful’, inherently symbolic of the light, the sun, joyfulness and warmth, also stands for -finding harmony’. This conceptualization presents itself as a much-needed alternative to standard, characterless -boxes for housing’ projects that have mushroomed across the city. -The Musician’ stands out with its vibrance, amidst a monotony of faceless houses, with its project marketing concept, -The notes of his love change the world!-

The building, a 10-storey rectangular volume with basement consists of 4 sections, with each section having a maximum of 500 sq. m. area. It’s been constructed using -Multi-Purpose Jointless Ossature’ technology, without girders and -Cube 2.5 System’ of joints. The monolithic frame is heat-insulated with 15cm heat-retainer. Ventilated faade with curtain wall-panels of different colours have been mounted above this level.

Architect Sergey Oreshkin’s team worked on the projected building that consisted of simple multi-storey cubes, by dividing the volume into stripes and squares, creating a special rhythm. The criss-cross of volumes thus obtained were coloured on the lines of Russian Avant-Garde, famed as -The frozen music-, creating an illusion of a sophisticated faade.

Ornamental musical notes, styled and from the real song have been used as faade-dcor. Worded by M Matusovskiy and composed by B Makrousov, the song -Where’s my dark-eyed love? In Vologda, where else?-, which has acquired the status of an informal hymn of Vologda City, adorns -The Musician’, as a special sense of belongingness to the city takes seat in the minds of its residents. Click here to view images of the Musician House on