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Americana Music Fashions

Americana music, or if you prefer, alternative country, alt-country, or even, is once again making a comeback and growing in popularity. The genre fuses rock ‘n’ roll, folk, rhythm & blues and country, providing a distinctive identity all of it’s own. With young artists claiming the genre as their own, the americana music movement is picking up pace and breaking back into the mainstream. Artists like Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, Josh Ritter, even artists in the UK like Liam Frost and Mumford and Sons, are pushing the americana music movement back to it’s rightful place at the forefront of the rock and alternative scene.

The americana scene has been growing in the UK for some time, with the emergence of websites like Americana UK contributing by providing a dedicated place for americana fans in the UK to stay on top of news, reviews and of course gigs. There’s also been big support from UK print music magazines, particularly Uncut who have been supporting americana acts for years. Now with a strong following of the genre in the UK it’s allowing UK americana acts to pack out gigs and even break into the UK charts.

With its distinctive retro vintage style and feel, the americana movement is attracting a huge following of rock ‘n’ roll inclined music lovers of a huge diversity. Thanks to having it’s roots firmly cemented in rock ‘n’ roll of the 60′s and 70′s, this is one genre that truly transcends any age, gender and race barriers. It is one of the most noticeable and amazing traits of the genre to see the diversity of fans at an americana/alt-country gig in the UK.

The dedicated following of this unifying genre are gaining a diverse but unique identity of their own. This is particularly evident in the look and style of this crowd. A truly authentic vintage, retro look is the order of the day. With a distinctively classic style, quite apart from the rest of the rock scene, the americana style is without doubt one of the most authentic, cool, retro looks around. The key is originality. Plaid or floral shirts and blouses, worn denim, winklepickers for men and of course vintage looking retro belt buckles. The style is truly authentic, pointedly rustic and totally retro.

The style of americana can be obtained from most of the big fashion retailers on the high street and online, thanks to the surge of the vintage look that has been growing for years. This might be the case but you get the feeling that many of the fans would not feel comfortable buying from such big chains. Considering the focus on originality and authenticity, it just isn’t in keeping with the general ethos of this very individualistic and authentic crowd. Still in it’s infancy in many respects, the new americana genre is yet to see it’s styles catered for in a specifically targeted way, and is yet to see it’s distinctive style supplied by distinctive, dedicated brands. Independent brands dedicated to and supportive of the very independent feel of the genre.

The Great House Music Songs For Downloading

The website with progressive house music streaming offers the music in numerous EDM genres. There are a lot of remixes that are popular among the fans of progressive house. The rhythm offers an epic feeling and happiness. The progressive house is regarded as a subgenre of EDM house music. This style was introduced in early 1990s. Though this genre had its origin in UK, it is rather a blend of European and American house music of the 1980s. The progressive house music is the outcome of attempts that were made to develop alternate ways to produce rock music. Further, by way of incorporating various features of classical instrumental, the rock got more aesthetic value. The progressive rock style is the ultimate outcome and it is considered as the most self-conscious branch of rock music. The website enables free progressive hose music streaming any time.

The Outstanding Chills: The website offers a lot of attractive dubstep music downloads. There are melodic dubstep like the So Wrong by Illenium. This is one among the popular chills and is bass filled. Though not in the traditional taste, the drums are amazing and the vibe that they produce is quite amazing. The melody will echo in the ears of the listener for a long time. The Faux by Novo Amor and Ed Tullett is another chill and it is a new remix. This music can be considered as a blend of three different genres. The opening part with piano and guitar is rather an ambient genre. Emotion dominates the middle part and the vocals are beautifully framed. The concluding part is a typical melodic dubstep. The bass mixes with the piano and the concluding part really makes it a pop song. Among the various dubstep music downloads the Tritonal by Mr FijiWiji is the most amazing. The piano makes a lot of emotion and the low synths and the eerie atmosphere are the other outstanding aspects. The rhythm is thrilling and the effect is unique.

The great song from Tom Bull: Among the EDM House Music downloads I was a Fool by Tegan and Sara is a popular remix. This progressive house remix is a big hit. Watch Out by Tom Bull and Rich Pinder is another rhythm offered for download. The important fact about this song is that this music has elevated Tom Bull to further heights in the world. Through this song Tom Bull has succeeded in making people to move. He is collaborating with Rich Ponder. For the fans, this is a must listen song.

Your guide to Maton, Atkin and other prestigious guitar brands

Think musical instruments, think guitar! The world of musical instruments is perhaps best defined by acoustic guitars and electro acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars for beginners should balance quality and affordability. Usually, beginner guitarists end up buying the least expensive guitars available in the market. Cheap guitars are not high on sound quality, and if you are a novice, these guitars can prove to be difficult to play. It also makes no sense to splurge a fortune on high end guitar models. Thankfully, there are acoustic guitars available that are relatively inexpensive. As far as durability and sound quality are concerned, they can give professional-standard guitar models a run for their money. Maton is one such brand. The Australian guitar brand produces acoustic guitars with a unique bright tone. It is almost at par with Martin and Taylor. Maton also produces affordable, lower range models. Due to its high quality and low price, the M225 is Maton’s biggest seller.

The leading Spanish producer of classical guitars, Alhambra guitars also produces steel strung guitars and narrower neck crossover nylon strung guitars. These guitars can be available at competitive prices online. The Alhambra 3C and Alhambra 3C CW E1 deserve to be mentioned for their outstanding features. The Alhambra 3C is a step up from the 2C. It has remarkable features like detailed binding, purfling and hand made real wood inlaid rosette. Its Canadian cedar top has been upgraded for superior sound quality. The Alhambra 3C CW E1 beats all the models of Alhambra guitars. So far, it is the best electro-classical guitar manufactured by Alhambra. Its fishman pickup feature ensures a balanced clear sound with clarity and punch. It is perfect for anyone looking for high quality amplified classical sound.

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. It is portable and relatively easy to learn. You can play various styles of music. Brand Atkin deserves a special mention here. The success of Atkin guitars can be attributed to luthier Alister Atkin. These guitars are hand made in the UK. Its a prestigious band that is popularly used by guitar enthusiasts. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Atkin guitars mean unmatched playability and impeccable tones. They are reasonably priced and they offer players a great opportunity to find the perfect instrument that suits them.

Incidentally, Huss Dalton are manufactures of some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world. You name the guitar and they have it. Be it country guitars or classical guitars, Huss Dalton has it all. Yairi guitars are also popular. They are hand built using aged tone woods and traditional techniques. Breedlove is yet another prestigious guitar brand.

The guitar is a multi purpose play instrument. Whether you want to be a balladeer, a rockstar or you like the blues, the guitar can be used for all these styles in music. Acoustic guitars are a safe bet- whether you like rock n roll, blues, jazz or folk songs. You can always begin with an acoustic guitar and gradually try your hand at electric guitars. If you wish to learn to play the guitar correctly and accurately, you should opt for acoustic guitar brands like Maton or Atkin.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify – And Earn Money On It!

When I first started making music back in the 1980′s, I didn’t think I ever could get my music out to a large audience – and getting payed for it never ever crossed my mind.

During the years I created thousands of tunes. Many compositions were created together with friends, and later I started to make demos that we sent out to record labels. Together with a friend, we got signed on a small Swedish label that wanted to release one of our techno/trance tracks. We were of course very happy for this, and had big plans for the future. This is the first time I came across talks about earning money in context of our music.

However, that record label got into economic problems and we never saw our tune get released. Sadly so, because we both thought it was a very good song and we had a strong concept. The band name we choose was Cube, and we created some sort of mix between techno, trance and euro-disco.

The whole disco scene has always interested me, and I started up a large streaming radio channel via an online service back in the late 1990′s. This proved to be successful, especially since I played only Italo Disco and had many very obscure and different songs in the playlist. At one time, the radio station – then called SouthPole Radio – was the largest Italo Disco radio station on the internet.

But it is costly to run a radio station. Not only hosting and bandwidth – it also costs money to make it legal. All this was done by the online service, but I never got anything back. My radio station was free for all to listen to, and even though I recieved many happy emails about how good the station was, I spent more and more money on the music.

The station did inspire me to keep writing my own music, and I started yet again to create own tunes. This lead to buying equipment, and somewhere during 2000-2001, I created songs with an Amiga 1200 as sequencer (and sampler) hooked up to a Novation BassStation keyboard, a Roland TR-505 (a not so good drum machine) and a Roland SC-88 MkII – a very nice synth module with lots of good sounds.

But over the years, different software sollutions proved to be an improvement to the hardware. The equipment was sold and production started with only different sort of software programs, using everything from PC, Mac and even Atari computers.

When I first laid hands on Spotify I was amazed. Spotify is a very good music streaming service that is free in many parts of the world. But even the paid accounts are worth the money. Spotify tries to distribute all music ever published, which I believe is a hard and tough, but very good, goal.

Since Spotify is available all over the world today, and the fact that they have so much different music, there were no more use for an Italo Disco exclusive radio station anymore. SouthPole Radio was therefore turned into a record label, and in November 2009 SouthPole Radio released its first album: Antarctica, by Pingo (spotify:album:7zUqiTY4BmwXXUWhP1kyti).

Before we released any album at all, we made a lot of research on how to actually release music on Spotify. First, we wanted to release for UK and USA charts too, and other media centers as Apple’s AppStore, Amazon and such. However, this proved to be fairly expensive, and without our label and artist name well known, we didn’t want to take that chance.

However, several different online systems (Ditto Music was the one we finally signed with) had very cheap methods for distributing to Spotify. SouthPole Radio therefore decided to exclusivly launch the first album on Spotify via this online system. It was very easy too!

Here is how we did it:
First we saved all the tunes in mp3-format in 320Kbps or higher resolution. After that, we created an account with Ditto Music and payed the 2 up front fee. This is a monthly fee that has to be payed for hosting, accounting and such. It is very cheap, and if you get 100 streams per month, you will break even.

You then upload the tunes together with a 800×800 pixel JPG-picture that is your cover art.

That’s it! After that, it takes about 4-5 weeks, and then your music is live for as long as you pay the 2 monthly fee.

For each stream that people listen to in Spotify you will get 0.02. This is also payed out to you monthly.

This is probably the most easy way – and maybe even the cheapest – to get your music on Spotify – and get payed for it! With a bit of marketing, you will get a lot of listeners, and the more listeners, the more you get payed.

If you then update your account on Ditto Music with downloads and other sales, you can keep selling your music for a profit.

If you want to know more, check out SouthPole Radio’s Official Website ( and read our constantly updated news where we write about our newest releases, how to create your own album, how to get more listeners on Spotify and other interesting and important information that will help your own music career.

Top Ten Must To Know Spotify How-to

Spotify are actually a big victory in European countries, with about a thousand fans inside the uk. With few AD displaying to interrupt the stream of music and it got just like having the largest tracks collection in the world.

We are now gather TEN tips/tricks together with add-ons that will allow you to enjoy more with Spotify.

1. Search modifiers
Search Spotify songs via modifiers to limit and improve your search results. Let’s say, searching for Madonna’s 1983 outcome you input “madonna year:1982″. You can search for a range of years, in this way: “rolling stones year:1965-1972″. Second modifiers include “album”, “artist” and “genre”. They are mixed, Eg: “album:love artist:cult” only finds music from The Cult’s “Love”. Finally, Boolean syntax can be used to exclude keywords, like this: “genre:trip-hop NOT morcheeba”.

Spotify boolean search
EXCLUSIVE TRACKS: Filter bands and music out from search listings by using Boolean NOT operator – or get the minus sign “-”.

2. Search by genre
Do you know might use several unique keywords all together?

The various keyphrases usable are; label, year, genre, artist, album and track.

E . g ., the search string label:EMI year:0000-2007 genre:house will give every house music issued by EMI before the year of 2008.

3. Multiple versions
Many albums present in several versions with different edits – and Spotify might have multiple listings for the same collection of music. When this occurs you’ll also find a tiny arrow in the “Track” column of your search result. Hit it to check all the instances of that track to appear with a different version of the album.

Multiple spotify music

MULTITRACK: Different edits of your top albums have several track versions. Spotify locates them, but hides from view them

4. Link to piece of a song
It firstly offered on the Spotify offical bolg, you can easily give buddys a song URI by using a time index embedded in it. Copy the Spotify URI and paste it into your e-mail or Gtalk message window, then change the URI to add ‘#time’ to the end. Let’s say, if the song contains a superb solo a #2:31, you append #2:31 to the end of the URI. It’s also possible to try this with HTTP links, but you’ll need to change the hash tag “#” with “%23″.

5. Draggable URLs
Probably you know you could right click on Spotify playlists, music and albums to copy the HTTP link or Spotify URI to the clipboard. Also you can drag-and-drop any Spotify url to the text box of a new application; an email application, instant messager(Yahoo, Gtalk), URL shortener or Youtube window. The HTTP url is inserted – not the Spotify URI.

6. Top Lists
Many fans jsut forget the “Top Lists” feature displays the most famous music everywhere on the Spotify social, by default. You can shift the display to show top artists, albums and music. When you look in the top left corner – you could change where Spotify obtains its data. Pick “Everywhere”, the uk or another region where Spotify is live. Finally, choosing “For Me” shows your most often played music since the list was last updated. This will happen once per week – however the feature is notoriously buggy.

Spotify top lists
TOP OF YOUR POPS: Spotify claim that its lists of top music, albums and artists are refreshed once weekly, so don’t worry in case your currents faves aren’t at # 1

Donwload Spotify music
Plenty of Spotify fans asking that is it possible to save music from Spotify. The short answer is Yes. The long one is that Spotify music is streaming music that you can’t download straight from it. Instead of download you could Spotify recorder it with Spotify ripper program.

7. Faster playlist making
So, you’ve found Spotify’s most popular music – now using them as a playlist. CTRL and then click on music to make multiple selections, then right-click to open the context sensitive menu and select “Save to” and “New Playlist”.

8. Integrate Spotify with Firefox
FoxyTunes is just one of is most liked extensions. It will let you manage Spotify (and more than thirty other media players on Windows) from Firefox. Also you can search for information on the existing song direct from your web browser. Mix it with Spotify Search for a full search and play solution in your web browser.

FIREFOX ONLY: Though available in versions for both Firefox and IE, Spotify support is now only at Mozilla’s web browser

9. Keyboard shortcut
Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate more rapidly in Spotify; tab to move through columns, use up and down arrows to select music or move through music or playlists, click on enter to play. The Spacebar toggles pause on and off. When you are playing a song, CTRL and right skips to another in the list, and ALT and left or right goes back and forward through pages.

10. Volume master
Push CTRL and click the up or down arrow on your computer keyboard to adjust Spotify’s sound level . To mute playback, click CTRL SHIFT and down – but note that ads stop if you do that. You will have to pay money for a premium membership to get rid of adverts