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How To Improve Your Sight-reading (organ, Piano And Keyboard)

As an organist, I have been working in club land in the North of England for the past 30 years or so and one of the crucial qualifications in this environment is the ability to sight read music on demand.
When I say music this can be anything from a beer matt to a ripped piece of paper repaired with selotape and stained with beer.

To be fair most of the music is written by professionals and is nice to read but not always easy.
As a club organist, you do not get a band call. In fact, you are lucky to get five minutes to scan through between 10 and 15 pieces of music. Some written in different keys, and every organist will tell you they hate it when they get the dreaded 6 sharps or 6 flats or even 7 sharp keys in a piece of music that just happens to contain a solo especially written for you.

So how do you improve your sight-reading? Well I asked my music teacher this very question as I embarked on my club land career. His answer was to practice sight-reading. He went on to tell me that session musicians practice by picking up any music book start playing on page one and continue until they have finished the book.

Does it work? Yes it does. Try it for yourself, pick up any piece of music you can find, preferably one that you are not that familiar with, then start to play, but do not stop. If you make a mistake it does not matter, you are not practising how to play this piece of music you are practising sight-reading this piece of music.

If you really want to test yourself. Get yourself an audience. I practice my sight-reading every week in front of a 200 plus audience. Its surprising how your concentration improves.

Learn To Play Adele Set Fire To The Rain Sheet Music

Adele’s Set fire to the rain song. The melody of the music piece is so catchy it is sung by each one that hears it. With its heartfelt lyrics and simple back ground tune it reasons a lot of youth to prevent and listen to the song. Many even get goose bumps while listening. It’s hence captivating citizens can’t stop to listen to it again and again till they learn by heart each word of the lyrics. And certainly, not a soul can contradict it really is a great song.

Set fire to the rain was written by Uk track writer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (commonly referred to as Adele) as well as Fraser T. Smith. The music was recorded in the vicinity of London in 2010. The song was released in Album 21 on July 4. 2011 and has since then been on the very best 10 chart in nearly all European countries. Album 21 is performer’s following album (following album 19) and finished an incredible success with promotion further followed by 210,000 copies in the England in the 1st 1 week following the release. In the USA the album was sold 352,000 times also in its first week.

As a genre, Set fire to the rain is a part pop, part soul and part blues song. This 4-minute song was written within a chord of D minor. The song shows a relationship and the way hard it is to let someone go that you like or someone who gave you a whole lot to remember. This is shown in most of the lyrics and sometimes even in the attitude among the song.

One of the critics, prominent Cameron Adams called it a winning radio hit-in-waiting. Another known critic said it had been the catchiest tune on her second album. Yet an additional says she is “at her strongest and most open.” And there were numerous additional critiques, practically they all complementing the music piece and its writer.

Adele has also accomplished this song live. The first time that it had been executed live is on April 29 in the Graham Norton Show. Several other live performances of Set fire to the rain were done. Eg. on May 3 at Jools Holland, following on September 13. 2011. And Adele just can’t to fill concert halls so there are actually no empty seats left.

Adele can be a artist that people like. She has an amazing voice and a talent to write good songs. Adele’s songs are easy and straightforward, yet combined aided by the lyrics, one just can’t help getting goose bumps. And because her songs are loved and understood by teens they are sung for years and years to come.