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Making The Most Of Your Owned Music Production Hardware

Lets face it — nothing in the music production arm of the music recording industry is cheap. If you were to list out the prices of all music production products and services that are used to make an album, the bottom line would be staggeringly high. From the unnecessarily posh recording studios to the outrageous hourly rates they charge, traditional music recording is not for the stingy.

However, thanks to the improvement in DIY music recording technology over the past twenty years and the accessibility of those qualified to educate on such products and their uses, the music recording playing field is being leveled. Thanks to this great shift, musicians of all kinds (beat makers, producers, instrumentalists) can now justify the cost of recording over a long period of time, whereas before the more you recorded, the more you paid. Not the case today! With products like GRAMMY award winning producer Dallas Austins new music production tool Beat Thang, what you get for your money is entirely dependent on how much you use it.

But DIY does not equal cheap. However, these music production suites often make up for their sometimes steep price point in other ways. For instance, Beat Thang comes pre-packaged with assets at no extra cost that a traditional music recording studio could never offer you, like 24/7 technical support from professional producers.

Additionally, I dont think youll ever come across a music recording studio that will give you your money back if youre not pleased within the first day of recording, like Beat Thang does. Most importantly, a studio will never be able to upgrade the sound of your recording once its finished. On home recording tool sets like Beat Thang, you get free software upgrades included for life.

Thanks to the digital connection on this music production device, no software on the Beat Thang will ever be obsolete, so long as its creators continue updating it to align with the progress of other music recording sounds and standards. Instead of having to spend a few hundred dollars an hour to master beats and record samples in the studio and know that the price is fixed, the more you use a product like Beat Thang, the more youre getting for your money with each and every usage.

As beat makers continue their experimentation with Beat Thang, theyre also learning the ropes of music recording and beat-oriented music production as well, thus controlling their own creative destiny. No squabbling over artistic differences with anyone when using Beat Thang, just your own inner conflict.

Once you start to tally up all the features and see how much youll be using any music production device, not to mention learning from it, prices begin to seem more reasonable.

Beat Thang or no, it is important that you seek out information regarding portability, intuitiveness, and capability before purchasing any music production tool. The grade any piece of equipment gets in each of those categories will go a long way in determining if youll get your moneys worth.