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Music Minus One, First Choice Provider Of Orchestral Accompaniment Cds Paired With Classical Sheet

Music Minus One [MMO] is your first choice destination when it comes to Accompaniment CDs to play along with classical sheet music. Their incredibly vast and complete catalogue of accompaniment recordings and sheet music including classical masterpieces has yet to find a rival in the industry. Furthermore, the amount of premium quality Accompaniment CDs found on MMO”s website will satisfy every musician, amateur or professional. MMO”s online store is a gem for musicians as it also offers recording devices and music literature for a wide variety of instruments and musical genres.

MMO is a strong and reliable resource for any musician. Since the 1950″s, MMO has been proud to offer an incredible range of Classical Sheet Music as well as sheet music from other genres which all come with the highest quality accompaniment CD”s and tutorials. The website features materials for musicians who enjoy playing jazz, Broadway, film music, popular music and the comprehensive selection of classical works. Whether you are looking for a specific jazz book, a piano instruction guide, the score from your favorite movie or the piano/vocal book of your favorite pop artist, MMO has you covered.

MMO also prides itself on offering material for every instrumentalist. The Accompaniment CD and Classical Sheet Music catalogue offered includes materials for all instruments including French Horn, Bassoon, Double Bass, Flute, Harp, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Violin, Cello, Vocals and many more. The great variety of musical genres available on MMO”s website also allows them to cover a wider range of instruments as well which includes Banjo, Mandolin, Drums, Harmonica, Accordion and Electric Bass.

What makes MMO a favorite music resource for all musicians is their incomparable catalogue of Accompaniment CDs. Play-alongs have been noted to optimize student”s practice time, motivate musicians and offer them an opportunity to create solid recordings. The list of Accompaniment CDs offered at MMO”s online catalogue is very impressive and will not disappoint any musician. Accompaniment CDs are available for every instrument, in mostly any genre, and will help you further your skills and offer you the luxury of playing along to an orchestra, and jazz trio, a pop band or even an entire Broadway Cast without leaving the comfort of your studio. The Accompaniment CDs are of an extremely high quality and can be used to record a demo or a CD “” for example, if you are a flutist trying to learn one of Gary Shocker”s work, you can play along with the recording and use it as your backing track for a demo.

For more information on Music Minus One or to browse through their impressive catalogue, please visit musicminusone.