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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Music Lesson Scheduling Software Your Ultimate Teaching Partner

Are you a music teacher who wishes to put up your own school or studio offering courses, lessons and tutorials in music? Or, are you a music teacher who simply wants to broaden and enhance your music teaching resources? Well, read on and learn how innovations like those music lesson scheduling software available online.

If you teach private lessons in music or even teach music to a class in specific schools and learning centers, you certainly find it a hard time scheduling your own daily schedules. Each of your students has to be scheduled on a particular date and time. And with this, I am sure that you never want overlaps and conflicts so as for you to attend to all the needs and demands of your students.

As you aim to provide quality music education to your learners, you see to it that you always take good notes of all cancellations and re-scheduled appointments so as not to mess up your schedule as well as your students.

Most music lesson scheduling software can be an ultimate teaching partner and virtual assistant in managing your own schedules, classes, tutorials and make-up sessions. These innovations amazingly make planning, organizing and scheduling easy and effortless without compromising quality, accuracy and efficiency.

Automatically, keeping your calendar and organizer up to date, certain music lesson scheduling software also inform and remind you on all new, cancelled and even re-scheduled appointments, classes and tasks. Requests may also be sent electronically and directly to the concerned person or group. This feature also allows you to get connected with your learners even after classes as well as on weekends and holidays.

Keeping track with your own schedule and others, such programs on music lesson scheduling can also lessen technical errors on double-bookings and get rid of students absences or no-shows with its auto-reminder feature. You can even be watchful of your students records as well as some of your administrative tasks, detailed listings and even internal or external correspondences in less time. With this great package, you can enjoy referrals, invitations to events and other related activities, appointments, chats and many others via online.

With these downloadable yet reliable applications, managing, organizing, monitoring, and controlling your daily work schedules can be fun and easy regardless how demanding and hectic they can be. More than mere scheduling, you can also hold and organize events, outdoor activities, seminars and workshops to a greater number of students and have the details as well as the outcomes published online.

Having a better and a more innovative database to rely on, self-scheduling can no longer be stressful and frustrating. Yet, despite of the easy accessibility and availability of the data the software provide, you can always be assured that your files, documents, lessons and records are all safe and secured keeping them all in private. You can monitor and moderate the program at all times.

So, there is no reason for you to feel skeptical about this innovation. Take advantage of these programs and see how these technologies can take your music teaching experience to the next level. Good luck!

Contributions Of R&b Music Artists

Rhythm and Blues, popularly known as R&B music is a genre of music which has its roots in Afro-American culture. It is widely accepted as a fusion between two genres of music jazz and blues. It came into existence in 1940s, but was formally accepted by music enthusiasts in later part of twentieth century. R&B music exploded in the 1970s with bands such as the Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the popular Motown sound becoming the defining sound of popular urban culture. Later we would witness R&B superstars such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher Raymond and Chris Brown becoming genuine global superstars selling millions of albums and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

The introduction of music video channels such as MTV and BET Television saw the popularity of R&B music and R&B music videos grow even further. Where for the first time the public could watch live and recorded Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos of all of their favorite artists from the comfort of their own home. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson was just one of the R&B singers to benefit from the growth and popularity of R&B music videos. Other stars such as Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake would become global icons because of this exposure.

The advent of the internet increased the popularity of both Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos still further as it has seen dedicated urban music websites such as showcasing some of the hottest Hip hop music videos and some of the best R&B music videos from the hottest artists around.
Of the modern day R&B artists many critics include R&B superstar Chris Brown as one of the biggest global R&B music icons. From his delicious debut single Run It with its amazing Chris Brown music video which became his first number one single to his current hit Deuces R&B superstar Chris Brown continues to dazzle his fans with incredible stage performances, stunning R&B music videos and incredible multi platinum selling albums.

R&B star Beyonce Knowles is another R&B artist who can claim to be a genuine global R&B music superstar. The talented R&B singer famous for her incredible stage performances; her infectious R&B songs and stunning R&B music videos has also had three platinum selling albums. Beyonce`s music videos for songs such as Crazy In Love have also dominated MTV`s playlists in recent years and with a new album planned in 2011 many critics are already suggesting that R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles will continue her reign on her throne as the true Queen Of R&B music.

R&B star Akon is another R&B artist who has achieved huge success over the last few years. Akon made his debut with his excellent Trouble album in 2004. He rose to prominence with the single Locked Up with its stunning Akon music video. His second album Konvicted was also a huge hit and it would appear that another global R&B superstar was born. Further R&B singles were released including the delicious Smack That which was also nominated for a Grammy Award and with Akon all set to release his brand new album in 2011 it seems that this talented R&B artist is all set to top the charts all over again.
There are many other prominent artists such as Brandy, Monica, Omarion, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Mario who have achieved incredible success in the R&B music field and have continued the incredible popularity of this genre of music. And with more R&B artists appearing each year such as R&B star Ne-Yo, Ciara and Trey Songz this trend is set to continue well into the next decade.

Four things college has that university does not, and why you can have both

Entering the world of post-secondary education? Students exiting high school have a distressing tendency to assume that by default, this means a university education, with college being the second choice for those that can’t “make it.” By default, you may assume that means university. However, don’t be too hasty to assume college is somehow the lesser of the two educational paths. In reality college and university offer separate, yet equally valuable experiences. College is about directly pointing the way to the workforce, by learning practical skills over theory, and getting your hands busy actually working on the things you want your career to involve.

Luckily, you can have it both ways, and don’t have to choose which path you prefer. Several Ontario colleges now have joint programs, where they pair with an Ontario university to give you the practical vocational training of a college program, and the intellectual foundation of a university’s bachelor degree program. If you opt for this unique combined path, you can receive several college-only benefits, including-

A mission to get you out of the classroom
University is about learning the intellectual foundations of a vocation, and college is about actually doing it, getting up and practicing your craft. Centennial College, for example, accomplishes this by having a broad variety of labs and facilities across its campuses to simulate working environments, including a restaurant for culinary arts, television and radio studios for media and journalism, and a simulated hospital for health studies. Essentially, the school lets students have a dry run at their future job in a safe environment before exiting to the real world.

Direct pathways to the workforce
Along the same lines, a college education will involve you spending as much time as possible logging work experience hours before graduating. This can be in the form of a placement, an internship, or a co-op program. As a part of your education, these placements will give you a kind of real-world experience school can’t match. While internships have recently been given a bad rap by the media, Ontario colleges such as Centennial work with students to ensure that their placements are worthwhile, educational, and even paid. Aside from the experience, these work opportunities can give you industry contacts, networking opportunities, and a way to satisfy the need for job applications to have years of experience.

Industry professional instructors
Instead of professors, college instructors are frequently individuals who have logged real hours inside of the career they’re teaching, and so offer wisdom from a place of true experience. If you’re studying public relations, you’ll be taught by PR professionals. Culinary schools are run by chefs. Media is taught by professional media makers. It adds an extra layer of relevance to the proceedings.

Double the credit
Finally, for taking a joint program, you’ll receive double the credit, earning both a degree and a diploma in the program you’ve chosen. Aside from proving that you walked a unique educational path, you’ll get a leg up on the competition when it comes to career hunting through the impressive credits on your resume.

Arabic Music And Contemporary Pre Western Middle Eastern Music

The music of the Middle East and the Arabic nations dates back thousands of years, and has influenced countless other musical traditions. Contemporary Middle Eastern music combines the traits of traditional Eastern folk music with popular music of the Western hemisphere, including elements of classical music. Ghazal, Qawali, Maghrebi, Kahleeji and Arabic Pop are just a few of the numerous styles of music emanating from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf in the musics early modern forms, Middle Eastern composers integrated their folk styles with Western influenced orchestras, though currently the trend has turned back toward smaller ensembles. Pre Western Middle Eastern music utilized smaller ensembles.

The Arabic nations music along with Middle East music dates back thousands of years, and has influenced countless other musical styles during its evolution. Instruments such as the Oud – a pear shaped stringed instrument, Persian Tars – a plucked and strummed instrument, similar to an Oud, with a sound board of stretched skin rather than wood, Neys – wind instrument, Qanouns – horizontal instrument with many strings, resembling a dulcimer and Kamenches and Rebabas – both fiddle like, bowed instruments, still characterize this musical genre. Notable Arabic musicians include Kazem el Saher, Nawal el Zoughbi, Najwa Karam, Assi el Hillani, George Wassouf, and Amro Diab. Middle Eastern rhythms were originally devised in antiquity on frame drums, the Arabic tabla, the dumbek, the darabuka, finger cymbals, and other traditional percussion instruments. Though an authentic Middle Edstern ensemble still contains such instruments, the drum set is often used in modern day Middle Eastern ensembles.

Traditional Middle Eastern rhythms covered a wide array of odd time signatures. However, as a result of Western musics influence, a large portion of contemporary Middle Eastern music is composed in duple or other meters containing even numbers. Thus, the first two following drum set patterns are written in 4/4. Their overall sound and rhythm serve as accurate examples of traditional Middle Eastern music adapted for the drum set. Like the 5/4 time signature, 7/4 meter is relatively easy to count. It’s normal to count a song in 7/4 in one of three ways: 1) count all seven beats per measure; 2) count a measure of 4/4 followed by a measure of 3/4; 3) count a measure of 3/4 followed by a measure of 4/4.

Probably the most famous rock song written in 7/4 is Pink Floyd’s “Money”. As with other styles, there are countless variations and embellished drum grooves to play in 7/4. The tempo range is similar to that of 5/4, with quarter note equal from one hundred to one hundred and thirty two beats per minute. The 5/8 meter is often more difficult to feel than 5/4 or 7/4 because its normally played at a faster tempo. One practical way of counting this meter is to sound out all five eighth notes per measure. However, due to its faster tempo, it may be more practical to break down the meter into two separate groupings, either a 3 plus 2 grouping or a 2 plus 3 grouping. The pulse of 5/8 meter is often brisk, with eighth note equal from one hundred and ninety two to three hundred and twenty beats per minute.

Different Guitar Categories

The guitar is a very popular instrument used for the creation of memorable musical moments. Though its form and sound have evolved in time, its main role, of entertaining people worldwide, remains unchanged. There are many types of guitar but this article aims at describing the most basic ones.

Classical guitar

Contrary to most beliefs, a classical guitar can be used to play more than classical music. A diversity of styles such as folk, jazz or flamenco enter within the scope of this six-stringed pluck instrument. The sound produced by this type of guitar is warm, full and melodic. It can be easily distinguished by its wide neck and hollow body.

Acoustic guitar

This is one of the most widespread types of guitar. It is usually fabricated from wood and its strings are made from steel. The sound of an acoustic guitar forms in the guitars body and it does not have an external device to be heard. However, for the amplification of sound, a pickup is used. Such a device can be found under the bridge saddle of the instrument itself.

Electric guitar

Used for the development of rock-and-roll as well as many other music genres, the electric guitar is based on the direct electromagnetic induction principle. This means that the sound of an electric guitar is always amplified before sending it to the loudspeaker. An electric guitar typically produces electric signals which may be modified by the player to create distinctive musical pieces.

Unlike the acoustic guitar, the electric one produces little audible sound when its strings are simply struck. Therefore, in order to make the sound louder, this instrument is connected to a guitar amplifier. For the creation of truly original and distinctive tunes, most composers use a guitar effects pedal. This is a device that allows you to produce an infinite number of sounds. It is normally hooked up between the electrical guitar and the amplifier.

Bass guitar

This type of guitar resembles the electric guitar to a great degree. However, it can be differentiated from the latter by its longer neck and scale length. Produced in mass starting with the 1950s, the bass guitar is used to provide the low pitches, which function as a rhythmic background in many types of music. The bass guitar consists out of a wood body and it features four strings. However, there are also bass guitar versions with five or six strings.

Irrespective of the type, shape, brand or sound produced, guitar will never loose its enthralling effect. Purchasing such an instrument and learning to play it might be the most inspired choice ever made. Not only will it help you relax when the pressure is high, but it will also enhance your creative skills.

Classical Crossover Popular music – History and Escalating Popularity

Over the ages, certain classical music will work have gained popularity amid pop music fans, in that way achieving crossover status. These classical music pieces add Symphony No. 3 by way of Henryk Grecki, Canon around D by Johann Pachelbel, as well as second movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, P. 467 from its appearance while in the 1967 film Elvira Madigan. Classical Crossover is required to refer to common artists’ recordings of popular repertoire for example the Broadway show tunes, and collaborations between pop artists and classical music performers. A good example this fits this definition is a album songs from a Labyrinth, by Sting plus Edin Karamazov. An prior example of classical crossover popular music is Deep Purple’s 1969 project – Concerto for Set and Orchestra, while a freshly released example is Metallica’s 1999 project S&M. The most preferred vocal classical crossover specialit is Mario Lanza, the American tenor and celeb who was popular while in the 1950s, whose amazing voice caught the attention of even those have been not die-hard classical popular music fans. Lanza was signed for an artist to RCA Victor for its premium label : Red Seal. One with his most amazing musical feats was his producing of Be My Like, from The Toast with New Orleans, his secondly film, which hit Primary on the Billboard soda singles chart in February 1951 and sold above 2-million copies. To-date, virtually no classical label artist, for example the Three Tenors, has had the capacity to match this being successful.

However, the beginning of classical crossover for a truly popular form with music is credited to your famous “three tenors” Pavarotti, Careras, plus Domingo. During their attractions, these three top opera singers presented a wide selection of operatic and popular fabric to huge crowds, which lead to the production of hugely successful albums. In recent years classical crossover has enter in to its own as your genre of music as a consequence of commercial successes of artist just like Yo-Yo Ma and Josh Groban. In the infusion of elements with pop, rock and influences just like African chants, Appalachian persons tunes and Nordic offshore fishing songs, these musicians bring a different dimension to classical popular music. An example of a booming classical crossover group is definitely Il Divo, a construction of Simon Cowell with “American Idol” fame. Reported by Billboard magazine, the group’s debut project has sold nearly all five million copies, and over a million in the country. Il Divo offers perfect little angels operatic renditions of soda songs, which have prevailed on Billboard’s classical crossover graph or chart.

Their style is mainly categorised as “Popera” (Pop + opera) which is the word for the singing of opera material inside of a popularized, but still operatic design and style. Some members of Il Divo had operatic training and will sing many arias and various classical material using an operatic form of singing. Singers such as being the English soprano Sarah Brightman, Charlotte now Church, and self-taught German tenor Andrea Bocelli as well offer renditions of common works. The fact that these are done by popular singers has additionally helped transform classical crossover to a popular genre of unique. To reciprocate the entrance of popular singers covering up operatic and classical fabric, trained opera singers, just like Natasha Marsh, Bryn Terfel and Vittorio Grigolo have in addition produced classical crossover albums hoping to cash in on this genre’s popularity. Now, Classical crossover music is by and large appealing to a bigger segment of your population, although purists criticize it to be an inferior, diluted release of real classical popular music. Nevertheless, the increasing popularity of your genre has resulted in more adolescents gaining interest in classical music enough to use up violin lessons or even just lessons in opera music and singing. This has also been fuelled by glossy, sexy marketing of many of the successful crossover artists who has transformed them into current pop stars.

Live Music For Events Plan It In A Unique Way

There are many people who plan some events every year and hire live music to add charm in the party. Music is bestowed with an exceptional charm, which keeps the power to let people enjoy regardless of their gender, culture, age, color, creed and race. If you are also planning some musical spice in your event, then ascertain the things to add colors to the environment. Before you hand over the party to a band, you should follow few vital steps to make the best and the smoothest arrangements for your show.

First, you should select an appropriate venue and make sure that it allows the kind of music, which you have selected for your event.
It is your responsibility to use plenty of time in researching an excellent musical group to make the mood of your party.
You should appoint a band, which is capable of seeking attention of your guests and make them enjoy at the fullest.

This must be your prime focus that the band gives its performance in a logical order. For instance, in a wedding ceremony they must not play the DJ songs before the first dance song.

Points regarding venue:

This is good that you have chosen the best venue of your city to conduct the occasion that is also in accordance with your musical choice. But, you also keep it in mind that your venue is in outdoors or indoors and make arrangements accordingly. In addition, you must check the seating capacity, the stage placements & its size, musical equipment and time of the band performance.

Factors to create a remembrance:

Live music is usually the thing of the evening and it is going to be the most talked topic of your party among guests. It is quite normal that people will not discuss the table decorations two weeks later, but they take interest in talking about the lovely music and dance.

Choice of music:

You need to select one that will not leave any stone unturned in setting an atmosphere. According to the mood of your event, you can choose smooth jazz to enjoy sitting in the background or you can prefer to create a huge impact by taking all the guests on the dance floor.

Ample place for dance:

If you are choosing live music for dance focused events, then make sure that there is sufficient space for guests to jig on their favorite numbers. It is your responsibility to take care of the sentiments of your guests and avoid hustle and bustle while dancing. And, last but not least, you should also be strict towards the timing for closing your party to ignore any sort of mess.

Hence, we have discussed almost every relevant point, which will help you select wonderful live music for events. Above all, you must not forget to give a consideration to your budget and try your best to wind up the event within estimated cost. So, follow these guidelines and enjoy your party at the same time making it memorable.

The Importance Of Branding Music Merchandise

Musicians these days have a very difficult time selling their music; most of it falls victim to piracy. Thats why its more important now than ever before to sell as much merchandise shirts, posters, buttons, etc. as humanly possible. Some bands are better at this than others, but one band stands above them all: Insane Clown Posse.

One of the most impressive things about the Insane Clown Posse isnt their success, their hatchetman logo, their enormous Juggalo fan base, their own festival, their wrestling league or their expansive record label — its their unprecedented line of merchandise, or ICP gear. Thats why artist merchandise like ICPs gear is so important it goes a long way in making up for lost revenue from illegally downloaded CDs.

Necessity of the Hatchetman

Merchandise is much easier to sell when theres a recognizable brand or logo plastering the item. When people like associating with your brand, theyll take every opportunity they can to do so. Most artists have logos built around their name, but nothing more.

What makes ICP exceptional is that they have a band name, an aptly named record label (Psychopathic Records), a name for their fans (Juggalos), and a maniacal cartoon (the hatchetman) to brand it all with. Thats why all of the Jokers Card faces are so crucial to the success of Insane Clown Posse.

If it werent for Insane Clown Posse member Shaggy 2 Dope sitting down and sketching the now famous hatchetman logo on a napkin back when the band was just getting started, ICP gear would not have nearly the significance it does today.

Product Variety

Aside from having multiple brands, the objective for every band should be to have as many individual products to sell as possible. If we were to list all of the hatchetman-branded ICP gear items out, it would take up multiple pages. The fact is, Insane Clown Posse members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope realized the importance of diversifying their line of ICP gear early on, and today, theres a multitude of ICP gear out there.

ICP Gear Diversification

Yes, Insane Clown Posse has branded traditional items like clothing, jewelry and accessories with the hatchetman as part of their ICP gear line. And, also to be expected, ICPs gear line is stocked with all of the music and other media like books and movies theyve put out under the Insane Clown Posse name over the years.

Not to be expected — and this is what makes them so unique among bands today is the collectibles section theyve built into the ICP gear line. Insane Clown Posse comic books and action figures based on characters in those comic books have become something that diehard Juggalos pine for regularly.

Insane Clown Posse have even gotten creative with their traditional ICP gear items like clothing, extending it to include items like backpacks, wallets, and school supplies. Back to branding, much of these items are stamped with a Jokers Card face or the hatchetman.

How To Download Music From Pandora Easily And Quickly

Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. People in America can listen to Pandora music online, but they cant capture music from Pandora to their iPhone or iPod free. How can we download music from Pandora off the internet when it is broadcast? Streaming Audio Capture can help you.

Streaming Audio Capture is a professional program and can download music from Pandora easily with great speed. Streaming Audio Capture can not only download Pandora music but can download any social audio and music. It can be used to download social audio and music from MySpace, imeem, YouTube, Grooveshark, Napster, XM Radio, Sirius Radio, BBC Radio and so on.

How to download music from Pandora with Streaming Audio Capture?

A detailed User Guide will tell you how to download music from Pandora with Streaming Audio Capture.

Download and install Streaming Audio Capture

1. Download and install Streaming Audio Capture. Streaming Audio Capture provides FREE but FULL FUNCTION trial for 7 days.

2. Launch Streaming Audio Capture. And click Settings button to set output music format.
Before downloading Pandora music, you can set the output music format as MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, M4A, AAC, OGG, APE, etc. The default format is MP3.

3. Go to Pandora radio website to listen to your favorite music. Streaming Audio Capture can download Pandora music to your hard disk with 1:1quality.

4. Click Record button to begin to download music off Pandora. Streaming Audio Capture can detect the sound signal and download music from Pandora to your iPhone or iPod in the background automatically.

Add ID3 tags to Pandora music

ID3 is a tagging format for MP3s. Streaming Audio Capture allows metadata to be added to the Pandora music, such as album name, song name, artist, original artist, genre, composer, releasing year, additional comment fields etc.

Streaming Audio Capture Applications

Record your internet radio station webcasts. Radio stations are required to log and archive all broadcasts under FCC regulations.

Save your streaming audio broadcasts. For example, if you are using BBC broadcast your band, Streaming Audio Capture can record and archive the broadcasts.

Convert your recordings in old or uncommon formats to wav or mp3. For example, if you have a voice recording in ds2 format you can convert this to mp3 using Streaming Audio Capture and the existing ds2 player.

Record your streaming audio conferences. For example, Streaming Audio Capture works perfectly to record conferences hosted with our Quorum Conference Server.

Record VoIP phone calls on softphones (eg. Skype or Express Talk). In a call center this is often required for legal or quality assurance reasons.

Download Royalty Free Music And Guarantee That Your Project Is Authorized

Without doubt, a documentary or an independent film won’t be complete without having a cool music playing on the background. Also, advertisements and movie productions wouldn’t be complete with no engaging music. This is because music performs a vital role to gather a larger audience. Huge budget productions just like TV shows and films invest significantly in getting the appropriate music soundtracks. Nevertheless, newbie movie makers do not have the resources to acquire their very own soundtrack. Conversely, they can download great quality music in a really inexpensive price just by going to royal free music.

Royalty free music permits buyers to download the sounds or songs they’d require for their projects as frequently as they like; nonetheless, they should pay a fee for the music license. Rest assured you only have to pay for the license once. Only to be clear, the music itself isn’t free of cost. In other words, those who already paid for the music track don’t need to pay for it again if they require to use it. The license exists so that the public can get access to it. As a result, this is definitely a good bargain which helps make many people question on the way to download royalty free music.

The things that you have to do to download royalty free music actually depends on the web page that you’ve preferred. Settling in a reputable site offers a chance for one to hear a preview of the song you’ve chosen. Additionally, there are sites that can provide you the choice to search their entire library for you to make sure that you’ll get the best music. In addition, you need to keep in mind that you must check the clarity of the music as well as its quality just before downloading it.

There is a wide array of songs obtainable in sites that enables you to download royalty free music. There’s jazz, hip-hop, mellow, R&B, Christmas songs, name it, and you could locate it there. It is fairly common to search for royalty free music in stock music libraries. This is the primary reason why some individuals thought that all royalty free music is inexpensive or poor. However, it can’t be denied that there are music choices available in royalty free music that is mixed poorly; nevertheless, this number is trampled by lots of records that are professionally edited. This informs us that the site is truly filled with high quality music.

Actually, lots of directors, producers and independent film makers find royalty free music extremely beneficial. Through it, they could access a wide variety of great music legally with no overspending their funds. People would only have to wait for minutes to download royalty free music, and so they would also enjoy the music downloaded when compared to the inconveniences that a traditional music licensing offers.