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Easy Piano Songs for Kids With Letters

The Prime Motivation During Lieu Of Substituting Journalism During Lieu Of Remarks Is To Join Before A Live Audience Piano Composition Easier During Lieu Of Kids. And There’s Rejection Doubt With The Aim Of Analysis Piano Composition Can Often Be Give To Too Challenging During Lieu Of Younger Kids. So Here’s A Collection Of Songs During Lieu Of Your Kids Presented During Journalism Quite Than Notes.

It’s Easiest To Start With Songs With The Aim Of Acquire A Fate Of Adjacent Notes, Quite Than Many Skips And Jumps.












In Various Casing You’ll Acquire To Agreed Stickers Otherwise Various Device On The Keys To Allot Kids A Visual Reference Point.

Kids Often Respond Supplementary Quickly To Songs Articulated During Facts Quite Than Letters.

Here Are The Same Songs During Numbers:


3 2 1 2 3 3 3 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 2 1 2 3 3 3 3 2 2 3 2 1


3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 3 2 5

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 5 5 4 2 1


1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 3 4 5 3 4 5 5 6 5 4 3 1 5 6 5 4 3 1 1 5 1 1 5 1

In Various Casing Your Instincts Are Correct: Don’t Consent To Kids Prevail On Bogged Down During Analysis Music, But Quite Prevail On Them Of To A Fast Start In That Case To The Piano By Substituting Facts Otherwise Journalism During Lieu Of Musical Notes.

Reading Composition Is Very Frustrating During Lieu Of Kids, Especially In That Case To The Launch What Time They Are Eager During Lieu Of A Fun Experience.

Bob Marley And The Rise Of Reggae Music

Four decades after the rest of the world first heard of reggaes characteristic bass-dominated rhythm, there is no denying that the Jamaican-born music has successfully permeated global cultural consciousness. Today, reggae movies are shown in theaters everywhere, theres at least one reggae music CD in every record bar in the world and top reggae music stars like Ziggy Marley continue to enjoy a considerable following in and out of Jamaica.

Reggaes prominence and achievement of mainstream status can be attributed to many things, the global theme of its lyrics (love, social equity, anti-racism, friendship), its catchy melodic hooks and of course, Bob Marley.

While it cannot be denied that artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Lee Perry and Peter Tosh also contributed to the genres rise, there is no doubt that when it comes to reggae, Marley, is king. His songs are so popular in fact, that not only has he become synonymous to reggae, his rise to fame also runs parallel to reggaes acceptance into the international music scene.

As part of the ska-turned-reggae group The Wailers, Bob Marley, along with his band mates are considered to be reggaes earliest and brightest superstars. Their last album as a group, the Burnin, yielded two hits and was responsible for helping reggae first gain a real foothold in the American and European music scene. One of these hits, the Marley-penned I Shot the Sheriff, was covered in 1974 by Eric Clapton, who was already a huge figure in the rock and roll world by then. This, many point out, signified mainstream musics acceptance and embrace of reggae.

After the three members of The Wailers parted ways and Bob Marley went on to a solo career, the legendary singer continued gaining fans both for himself and reggae music worldwide. In 1975, he released the single No Woman, No Cry and the song, which holds the number 37 spot on the Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, catapulted Marley into international superstardom and reggae music into unprecedented popularity. The album that followed the release of this song even reached number 8 on the Billboard 200 hit charts further proof of how much non-Jamaicans have come to appreciate the music.


In 1977, Marley released a new album (Exodus), from which stemmed hits like One Love/People Get Ready, Jamming and Waiting in Vain. The album is considered to be the singers finest work, and has in fact, been hailed by TIME as the greatest album of the 20th century and one of the best albums of all time by the Rolling Stones magazine.

The albums impact can even be felt in the music of punk bands that started appearing in London during this time. The Clashs songs Revolution Rock and Wrong Em Boyo for example (both of which were written a year or so after Exodus release) sound more like reggae songs than punk anthems. Other British bands like the Police, UB40 and Culture Club also point to Bob Marley and his music as one of their major influences.


Just as his work helped reggae music gain global acceptance and popularity, Marleys death also had an impact on the music. When he died at the young age of 36, many observed that reggae music seemed to have gone idle with no particular artist being able to duplicate or even come close to the success Marley achieved. It was as if reggae music itself grieved for the loss of its king.

Bob Marley, thanks to his talent and hard work, has paved the way for other reggae artists to be able to let the world hear their songs. Today, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Shabba Ranks, Marleys own sons, Ziggy and Damian, and a host of other reggae artists have been able to achieve considerable success in the global music arena, but there is, and always will be, just one Bob Marley. Hail to the Reggae King!

Your guide to Maton, Atkin and other prestigious guitar brands

Think musical instruments, think guitar! The world of musical instruments is perhaps best defined by acoustic guitars and electro acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars for beginners should balance quality and affordability. Usually, beginner guitarists end up buying the least expensive guitars available in the market. Cheap guitars are not high on sound quality, and if you are a novice, these guitars can prove to be difficult to play. It also makes no sense to splurge a fortune on high end guitar models. Thankfully, there are acoustic guitars available that are relatively inexpensive. As far as durability and sound quality are concerned, they can give professional-standard guitar models a run for their money. Maton is one such brand. The Australian guitar brand produces acoustic guitars with a unique bright tone. It is almost at par with Martin and Taylor. Maton also produces affordable, lower range models. Due to its high quality and low price, the M225 is Maton’s biggest seller.

The leading Spanish producer of classical guitars, Alhambra guitars also produces steel strung guitars and narrower neck crossover nylon strung guitars. These guitars can be available at competitive prices online. The Alhambra 3C and Alhambra 3C CW E1 deserve to be mentioned for their outstanding features. The Alhambra 3C is a step up from the 2C. It has remarkable features like detailed binding, purfling and hand made real wood inlaid rosette. Its Canadian cedar top has been upgraded for superior sound quality. The Alhambra 3C CW E1 beats all the models of Alhambra guitars. So far, it is the best electro-classical guitar manufactured by Alhambra. Its fishman pickup feature ensures a balanced clear sound with clarity and punch. It is perfect for anyone looking for high quality amplified classical sound.

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. It is portable and relatively easy to learn. You can play various styles of music. Brand Atkin deserves a special mention here. The success of Atkin guitars can be attributed to luthier Alister Atkin. These guitars are hand made in the UK. Its a prestigious band that is popularly used by guitar enthusiasts. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Atkin guitars mean unmatched playability and impeccable tones. They are reasonably priced and they offer players a great opportunity to find the perfect instrument that suits them.

Incidentally, Huss Dalton are manufactures of some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world. You name the guitar and they have it. Be it country guitars or classical guitars, Huss Dalton has it all. Yairi guitars are also popular. They are hand built using aged tone woods and traditional techniques. Breedlove is yet another prestigious guitar brand.

The guitar is a multi purpose play instrument. Whether you want to be a balladeer, a rockstar or you like the blues, the guitar can be used for all these styles in music. Acoustic guitars are a safe bet- whether you like rock n roll, blues, jazz or folk songs. You can always begin with an acoustic guitar and gradually try your hand at electric guitars. If you wish to learn to play the guitar correctly and accurately, you should opt for acoustic guitar brands like Maton or Atkin.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify – And Earn Money On It!

When I first started making music back in the 1980′s, I didn’t think I ever could get my music out to a large audience – and getting payed for it never ever crossed my mind.

During the years I created thousands of tunes. Many compositions were created together with friends, and later I started to make demos that we sent out to record labels. Together with a friend, we got signed on a small Swedish label that wanted to release one of our techno/trance tracks. We were of course very happy for this, and had big plans for the future. This is the first time I came across talks about earning money in context of our music.

However, that record label got into economic problems and we never saw our tune get released. Sadly so, because we both thought it was a very good song and we had a strong concept. The band name we choose was Cube, and we created some sort of mix between techno, trance and euro-disco.

The whole disco scene has always interested me, and I started up a large streaming radio channel via an online service back in the late 1990′s. This proved to be successful, especially since I played only Italo Disco and had many very obscure and different songs in the playlist. At one time, the radio station – then called SouthPole Radio – was the largest Italo Disco radio station on the internet.

But it is costly to run a radio station. Not only hosting and bandwidth – it also costs money to make it legal. All this was done by the online service, but I never got anything back. My radio station was free for all to listen to, and even though I recieved many happy emails about how good the station was, I spent more and more money on the music.

The station did inspire me to keep writing my own music, and I started yet again to create own tunes. This lead to buying equipment, and somewhere during 2000-2001, I created songs with an Amiga 1200 as sequencer (and sampler) hooked up to a Novation BassStation keyboard, a Roland TR-505 (a not so good drum machine) and a Roland SC-88 MkII – a very nice synth module with lots of good sounds.

But over the years, different software sollutions proved to be an improvement to the hardware. The equipment was sold and production started with only different sort of software programs, using everything from PC, Mac and even Atari computers.

When I first laid hands on Spotify I was amazed. Spotify is a very good music streaming service that is free in many parts of the world. But even the paid accounts are worth the money. Spotify tries to distribute all music ever published, which I believe is a hard and tough, but very good, goal.

Since Spotify is available all over the world today, and the fact that they have so much different music, there were no more use for an Italo Disco exclusive radio station anymore. SouthPole Radio was therefore turned into a record label, and in November 2009 SouthPole Radio released its first album: Antarctica, by Pingo (spotify:album:7zUqiTY4BmwXXUWhP1kyti).

Before we released any album at all, we made a lot of research on how to actually release music on Spotify. First, we wanted to release for UK and USA charts too, and other media centers as Apple’s AppStore, Amazon and such. However, this proved to be fairly expensive, and without our label and artist name well known, we didn’t want to take that chance.

However, several different online systems (Ditto Music was the one we finally signed with) had very cheap methods for distributing to Spotify. SouthPole Radio therefore decided to exclusivly launch the first album on Spotify via this online system. It was very easy too!

Here is how we did it:
First we saved all the tunes in mp3-format in 320Kbps or higher resolution. After that, we created an account with Ditto Music and payed the 2 up front fee. This is a monthly fee that has to be payed for hosting, accounting and such. It is very cheap, and if you get 100 streams per month, you will break even.

You then upload the tunes together with a 800×800 pixel JPG-picture that is your cover art.

That’s it! After that, it takes about 4-5 weeks, and then your music is live for as long as you pay the 2 monthly fee.

For each stream that people listen to in Spotify you will get 0.02. This is also payed out to you monthly.

This is probably the most easy way – and maybe even the cheapest – to get your music on Spotify – and get payed for it! With a bit of marketing, you will get a lot of listeners, and the more listeners, the more you get payed.

If you then update your account on Ditto Music with downloads and other sales, you can keep selling your music for a profit.

If you want to know more, check out SouthPole Radio’s Official Website ( and read our constantly updated news where we write about our newest releases, how to create your own album, how to get more listeners on Spotify and other interesting and important information that will help your own music career.

The Different Types Of Spanish Music


One of the more well-liked varieties and entertaining to dance to is the salsa type. Its rhythm can be detected the moment it’s heard which makes a person to want to begin dancing and moving toward vibrant sound. It’s very easy to find and is available on many different variety albums making it simple to attempt. There are also a multitude of sites where a fan can enjoy free online music, which fortunately won’t cost them nearly anything but some time. Having some of this great dancing music in your collection is going to be fantastic for your dancing footwear and thus consider downloading free music-get some tunes without paying!

Tejano Music

Another wonderful type of Spanish music is often a type that began on the Texas border and frequently blends both English and Spanish words. The sound is similar to rock, rock country and R& B. The term Tejano refers to a number of the Spanish community that resides in Texas. They’ve got their own traditions and ideals that come across evidently in their music. Although it borrows from both Mexican and American music it is unique and has its very own essence. Among the most well-known singers known for applying this style on many radio channels was Selena and her music is still appreciated today.

Nueva Cancion

This Latin American music borrows influence from Chile and Cuba giving it an individual sound that is both soulful and delightful. There are many folk style variety groups that an individual can enjoy as well as individuals who make this style known and pleasant. It is often a progressive, very lyric influenced type that typically offers social commentary along with wonderful tunes.

Styles That Are Imported

There is a really wide variety of different types of Spanish music all originating from the various nations which use Spanish as their primary language. From Spain you will find Rumba, Pasodoble, and Flamenco. All three of these types have made it into the many other nations that use Spanish and are enjoyed for both dancing and hearing enjoyment. It is also quite feasible to find them as free online music. Consider downloading free music and try Argentine Rock or Chilean Rock for a little bit of lively fun. Both Cuba and Mexico offer their own make of Hip Hop that is a hit on American dance floors and incredibly gratifying.

Licensing Music An Intelligent Step Towards Your Musical Career Goal

The music industry is flourishing in recent times and hence most of the individuals choose this field to gain fame and earn money. If you observe the current musical products that are being launched in the market, you will come across the fact that most of these musical pieces have either been copied from some other source or the older songs have been remixed to make a new version. Music licensing company acts as a medium through which the producers get a chance to choose an original product from wide array of symphonies. The artists who publish their products in the music libraries organized by these companies go for licensing music to assure the film makers that these pieces belong to them and nobody else.

When this remixing technique first came into existence, the listeners liked them a lot. But changing the old slow songs into hip hop type of music by remixing them, gradually became the trend of the music industry. The audiences who liked these products earlier started taking it in a negative way and the experts began to give negative comments. This, in turn, made it essential for the producers of multiple entertainment products to search for some original opus in the libraries offered by the music licensing company. These are the creations of commoners who struggle to become a renowned star in the music industry. These unknown artists, however, go for licensing music process before they publish their original musical pieces on the libraries.

The talented music artists always try to compose something unique. If you are among these composers, then always opt for licensing music process. Having a license and possessing a copyright ensures that the musical piece belongs to you. Nobody else will have the right to claim it as his own. Even if someone does, you can litigate him in a lawsuit. But, even if your music gets copied and presented as someone else’s creation, you would never be able to litigate the person in the court if you do not have a license for that creation. Thus, as soon as you create a composition, you must, first of all obtain a copyright on it. Music licensing company is the best source to help you in doing so.

The present group of audiences is smart enough to notice the defects of the entertainment industry. This is the reason that drives the producers of entertainment products towards the music licensing company. Once the unknown artists obtain a license for their lyrics or compositions, they publish it in the music libraries online. These are the sites that are visited very often by the film makers or TV commercial makers. Whenever any unique collection is required, the producers select the composition based on what their product sequence demands. Licensing music helps the artists obtain a license for their product and the producers use it on their behalf in case they place the composition of the same musician in their product.

Licensing music not only gives an opportunity to the producers to use the creation of someone else in their entertainment product, but also helps the budding artists in paving their path towards a successful musical career. Music licensing company, however, does not only help the film producers, but also the makers of TV commercials, websites, video games, etc. where music plays an important role.

A Brief History Of Music Therapy

For thousands of years, people have known that music is more than a mere pleasure, that it also improves our quality of life in a deeply significant way. In the Hebrew Book of Samuel, King Saul is tormented by an evil spirit that only departs when the young David plays the lyre for him. When the music is playing, King Saul is soothed and restored to his right mind. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates — widely considered the father of modern medicine — used music as part of the treatments he offered patients. Ancient Egyptians helped women through labor and childbirth with healing music.

Relatively recently, in the past one hundred years, a more formal, codified use of music as therapy, as a treatment for diseases, and a therapeutic aid for groups like students with special needs, emerged worldwide. The initial stirrings that led to this development began at the turn of the twentieth century. In the U. S., a society was established in 1903 for the promotion of the therapeutic uses of music. It was called the National Therapeutics Society of New York. Interest in the research and work of this group intensified and grew around the worldto name just one example, when a group of Australian musicians heard about the ideas of the New York Society, they formed one of their own. Inspired by the first Society, the Australians called theirs the International Society for Musical Therapeutics. It was founded in 1924.

This interest in and proliferation of groups to promote music as therapy were ignited by World War I. Doctors and nurses treating the war wounded noticed a hugely beneficial effect on patients when volunteer musicians played for them. As a result, the medical profession began to seek a way to make this type of treatment more scientificto create educational programs where musicians could be trained as therapists. Music therapy programs were the result. The first degree granting program was established in the United States, at Michigan State University in 1944.

Soon afterward, the National Association for Music Therapy (NAMT) was formed in the U.S. Twenty years later, another group, the American Association for Music Therapy, was founded. These two organizations merged to become the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) in 1998. To this day, the AMTA is dedicated to ensuring the development and therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education, medical and community environments. Their mission statement is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.

They further state that research shows musical interventions help promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication and promote physical rehabilitation. The American Music Therapy Association is responsible for deciding the criteria for the education and professional training of music therapists.

Today, more than 70 universities and colleges have degree programs approved by the American Music Therapy Association and there are more than 5,000 registered music therapists in the U.S. Music therapy is used to treat a huge range of diseases and conditions, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, Parkinsons, cerebral palsy and autism.

An Affordable And Easy Method Of Starting Your Very Own Music Production

Producing music based on the producer’s preference is made possible through the availability of music production software on the web. Hence, you can simply produce quality music whenever you wish to. The good thing is that this provides you a convenient method to produce music as you can set up all your tools at home. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that a computer-based music production can provide.

To get going with your sound production endeavor, you have to collect all of the equipments needed. These tools include a personal computer or laptop, an audio interface, a nice microphone, top quality headphones and speakers, as well as a desktop mixer which can actually help much in this undertaking. The next thing to complete now is to attach all the cables and wires from these tools. There are a whole lot of internet sites online that give sounds samples & tools that can be very useful for you. There are even sites that give professional audio editing package aside from providing you the privilege of creating the music that you like with the help of this software.

It is recommended that you learn the software that you owned whenever you are a beginner to music production. Start with a basic beat and combine it with some other instrument playing in the background. This gives you the opportunity to identify various work applications that are applicable to the music genre you would want to focus on. This is all about fun actually. And if you find it hard at first, you can always check a music guide book to teach you the basics of it. Recording your very own music don’t necessitate you to own an expensive music studio anymore. Just pick a small room and set up sound proof carpets or insulation to minimize the external noise.

Music editing can is now made easy and effective so making great and excellent songs is guaranteed. The different music devices that are available for you to use make it feasible to come up with perfect music sound. Furthermore, pre-recorded effects are downloadable on the web which you can add in your songs to improve the quality. The truth is, you are lucky of having your produced music uploaded and shared through the various music sharing websites available these days. This can be a great way for you to present your music to all music fans around the globe.

Repairing A Music Box

One of the most beautiful gifts that someone can give another person, especially a wife or daughter, is a music box. Through the gift of music, they will be able to keep a persons memory alive through the music of the music box, which can play on for decades.

Music boxes, sadly, can also break down. So, to maintain the music that may mean so much to the person who received the musical gift, it may be required that you begin to learn about repairing a music box.

Most problems in music boxes are caused by a malfunction in the starter of the music box. Thankfully, this can often be repaired at home without having to get it repaired at a shop. There are three different types of starters for music boxes, and knowing how to fix each one will make you very versatile. As well, always remember to be very delicate as you could cause more damage to a music box in your attempt to repair it.
Wire Starter

This type of music box plays when the lid is opened and pressure is released on a metal stick, and stops when the lid is closed. When the pressure is released on the metal stick, a spring pushes the spring up and moves a connected wire down, which releases an air brake and causes the music box to play. These are the types of music box movements you need to be aware of to repair it.

You should try changing the angle of the spring with pliers. You may have to adjust it quite a bit, up and down, left and right, depending on if the music starts, doesnt start, or starts but wont stop.

You can also pull the metal stick, which may be caught on something or slightly bent. If bent, it should be replaced.
Button Starter

When a button is pushed on the box, a metal plate moves the starter mechanism, which releases a latch from the wheel of the cylinder in music boxes. This releases the air brake that allows the box to play.

In these, check to make sure that the button mechanism does not have a loose nut, and if it does, tighten it. This will hopefully allow it to connect with the metal plate to start the music. You can also adjust the plate and move it closer to the starter button.
Pin Starter

These are used in toy music boxes, where the pin blocks the air brake. When pulled, the music plays, when pushed, the music stops.

If the box does not play, make sure that the pin blocks the air brake and that when it is pulled, it releases the air brake. The pin should not be too long and if it is, it may need to be filed down. If it wont stop playing, then adjust the position of the movement and make sure that the pin is not too short. If it is, put some tape on the end to lengthen it.

Music boxes are wonderful gifts for someone you love, but like anything, they can break down and it is important that when you have a music box, you know how to repair it. Thankfully, many are easy to repair and all it takes is a basic knowledge of the inner-workings of music boxes and other types of musical gifts.

It is easy to do, people love them and you can really shine with a well-made music box, so why are you not making music boxes yet? You may find that when you give a musical gift like music boxes, that you have developed a love for putting music boxes together and it could turn into something you do a lot more. It could end up being one of your favorite hobbies in fact.

Everyone loves music, everyone loves the gift of music and there isnt a person on the planet who will not appreciate the gift you have given them when you take the time to put it together for them. Two centuries after they began to be mass produced, it is still a gift that warms the hearts of millions.

Music Box Movements, Springs and Stem Pins can be purchased from

How To Create A Successful Music Blog

A popular music blog can spread the word about your band or insert your opinions on the current rock scene into the annals of pop culture. There are a few vital but easy to master steps you should take while setting up and maintaining your new music blog.

First things first, you need a domain name. While taking advantage of blog hosting sites is great for beginners, a professional blog requires its own distinct URL. Your band name or a singular catch phrase both makes memorable domain name bases.

Next, do your research. A successful blogger is one who is active in the blogging community. There’s something to be said for emulating the greats who came before you. Read other popular music blogs. Create a blog-roll, or favorite blog list, that displays on your page. Lastly, you need to comment. This will keep you relevant, knowledgeable and a mainstay in the blogging world. Also, writers who are gaining traffic based off of your site’s recommendation are more likely to send common readers your way.

The next step is becoming a master of your blogging software. A marketable and successful blog is one that is fully customized. Before worrying about boosting readership or content quality, a successful blogger in training needs to know how to customize and manage every aspect of their blog. Your page needs to grab a casual reader’s attention and stand out from your next door neighbor’s diary blog.

Post regularly- You should be updating your blog with a new post at least three to five times a week. The first step toward expanding your fan base is getting as much of your message out there as possible. Be sure to enable comments and tracking on your blog so your readers feel like a part of the experience. At the root of blogging is a deep rooted community of information seekers and feeders that function much like a virtual family.

Lastly, stay passionate about what you’re writing about. While good keyword saturation and advertisements will increase the revenue of your blog it won’t keep readers coming back. A successful music blog is one full of exciting, provocative and informative posts that educate and entertain readers.