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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Accordion Sheet Music Online

Playing the accordion is no easy feat, and finding a good selection of sheet music can be every bit as difficult. If your local music store leaves you wanting a little more, try the Internet.

Many secure sites are available over the Internet with accordion sheet music that can easily be copied and printed for your personal use. To get you started, here is a selection of the more popular sites: Based in Germany, this site offers information on composers, plus a selection of mp3 files and a good variety of sheet music. Visit to save or download accordion sheet music, and access their mp3 archives for recordings of individual notes and pieces.

What’s best about this site is that the accordion sheet music is listed in two separate categories, Solos and Duets. By scanning through these categories, it’s easy to find the particular song you’re looking for. Accordion Online also provides a guide to German Bass Notation. This Internet site is considered by many to be the ultimate sheet music directory on the web. provides a listing of the most requested pieces of accordion sheet music online. You’ll also find a number of helpful links, all dedicated to providing sheet music for accordion players. The accordion sheet music is provided free of charge, so you can access and download them at any time. They also offer songs and music from around the world. Many accordion players use when searching for downloads of free accordion sheet music. The site features “Accordion Archive”, part of the Musica Viva collection of free sheet music. In this archive, you’ll find sheet music in both classical and traditional titles. Users can choose to download music in PDF, GIF or ABC formats. No matter which format you (or your computer) prefer, you can access and enjoy a variety of accordion sheet music online at This is one of the most comprehensive Internet sources for sheet music. Whatever instrument you play, you’ll find the music you need on this site. It’s also one of the best online sheet music directories, with dozens of links to valuable information.

These useful benefits have made perhaps the ultimate choice for countless accordion players. The digital sheet music library also allows users to select from thousands of tunes, hear them being played, and print the sheet music.

It’s not always easy to find great sheet music in bookstores and traditional music stores. The Internet, however, offers fast and simple access to a huge selection of accordion sheet music.

Let Light Compose, LED Creation from the Piano

The elegant lightwave LED Wall light

This wall lamp’s design inspiration was from the piano, light becomes a melody played on the instrument. Its appearance is as elegant as neatly arranged piano keys, and can be used as an art work on the bed or the living room.

The operation is also interesting, you just need to slide your hands to open the LED lights, and you can light up a few LED light bars according to how bright you need. LED module glides in the vertical direction, the higher angle you push, the light is brighter. The gradient lighting effects show wave state, concise and fascinating lighting effects have won 2011 Red Dot Concept Design Award. Led related: led bulbs for home.

Creative LED screen light Playing the light

This is a creative LED light, after lighting it, it is just like a glowing screen, and becomes homogeneous comfortable surface light source on the table. The screen can also be divided into rows of button units, which are composed by a single LED light source and creamy white mask, and can be individually controlled to light.

The control of the light is very special, as if playing the piano, not generating music, but soft light. The mystery may be in light switch control, when you press the button unit, and rotate to a fixed angle, it is able to emit light. On the contrary, the change in angle will close it. You can press the number of keys according to how bright you need, it will be able to light like music.

Elegant piano key LED creative switch

There are a lot of lighting creative switches. Now this alternative switch designed by REMORK DesignStudio was inspired by the piano keys. The switch is divided into black and white two parts, using the upscale black ebony and white ivory. Expand reading: led candelabra bulbs.

The internal has inlaid LED light module, perfect design can bring such light feeling like music. If you like the elegant piano music, such a high-grade electrical switch can be placed at home as an art collection.

How To Make Your Own Unique Music Box

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

For the music box and antique collectors who are creative and love arts and crafts, making a music box of their own can be fairly easy and great fun. Here are simple directions to make an exquisite music box called “Peter Cottontail”. These unique directions are from Sharon Ganske’s book, “Making Marvelous Music Boxes”.

Material Needed

For the Base, Including Music Box Accessories: Round chipboard box, 2 high and 5″ diameter; Square of wood, 2 X 2 X ” thick; 18-note key-wind musical movement, including a magnetic swing arm Key extendeder; 3/8″ T-bar winding key “; 4 wooden beads, ”

Decorative Accessories for Music Box

3 prepainted resin bunny figurines, 2″; Prepainted resin Easter tree, 3 ” ; Round beveled mirror, 5″ diameter; “-wide pink braided net ribbon; 16″; 5″ wide floral-print ribbon, 24″

Acrylic Paint Colors

Ivory and Medium pink Adhesive and Spray Sealer:

Hot glue sticks; Industrial strength glue; Tacky glue Tacky glue; thin-bodied Matte spray sealer

Tools and Brushes

Drill with ” drill bit; Glue gun; Old paintbrush; ; Paintbrush; Scissors

Once you have gathered all of the above materials, it is time to start making your music box. Here are the directions to assemble it.

Step One: prepare the chipboard box. Since these boxes are sometimes flimsy, they must be reinforced with by placing hot glue around the inside bottom edge of the box (side and bottom) and them allowing it to harden. Next, just apply a heavy layer of Tacky glue to the inside sides of the box and let them dry.

Step Two: using a paintbrush, paint box and lid with the ivory acrylic paint. Paint the beads with medium pink.

Step Three: Cut one strip from the net ribbon, 15 ? X 2 “, and one 4 ” circle. Using the thin-bodied Tacky glue, laminate net ribbon strip to side of box, lining up top edge. Cut small notches to side of box, lining up top edge. Cut small notches in ” overhang, laminating to box bottom and making sure it is flat and smooth. Centering, laminate 4 ” circle to box bottom.

Step Four: Using your industrial strength glue, glue square of wood to inside center front of box bottom to which musical movement will be glued. Allow to dry.

Step Five: To mark the hole position for the winding-key shaft, place musical movement inside box at front center (seam is at back). Draw a line around the musical movement. Remove musical movement and place a dot of paint on winding-key shaft. Press the musical movement, winding-key shaft side down, back in the box. Remove the musical movement and drill a ” hole in box, centering winding-key shaft in the hole.

Step Six: Using the industrial strength glue, glue beads, evenly space, to the bottom of the box for legs. Glue the musical movement into the box, centering the winding-key shaft in the hole.

Step Seven: Using Tacky glue, glue the lid on the box. Glue the braided trim to the side of lid. Glue the magnet that comes with the musical movement to the bottom of the bunny that has been chosen to dance and twirl. Allow to dry.

Step eight: Wind the wind key extender onto the winding key. Wind the wind key extender onto the winding-key shaft so music can play. Place a bunny with magnet on top of the mirror. Place the tree at the center back of box and remaining bunnies on each side of the tree. Move the tree and bunnies so the dancing bunny does not bump into them. When they are in the right position, glue them on with a small amount of industrial-strength glue. Make sure excess glue does not seep from under the figurines and onto the mirror.

Making music boxes does not have to be difficult. With a little creativity and imagination, the music box and antique collector can create their own collection!

Online Music Download Go For It

There are websites in the web which serve the users with the chance to download their favorite things that they are in love with like those songs and the books. These websites are the main reason for the piracy industries also and so at many places these websites are getting banned. But, still people are getting them downloaded from different servers. These free download websites are the main reason for the popularity of various songs as well as books also. They are the one who makes them famous among the public. There are websites which also provide the users with the chance todownload free scripts. These users can be anyone and doesnt need any kind of specialization over the internet using so that they can have the free download of the materials that are available over the internet for the free download including theDownload Free Scripts.

Thefree music downloads onlinewebsites are there for the download of the music that you have always cherished. The music can be of different variety. They can be the just released ones or can be from the days of your grandpa, the music which you have grown up with or may be the classical instrumentals played by the maestros of the music. TheseFree Music Downloads Onlinewebsites are in very real terms free. The websites just doesnt need any kind of money in the download as well as doesnt involve any secret costs like the subscription, newsletters and all that from them to download the music. You just have to log in and go to the website, search the song or album that you want to download and click the download button.

About the download of free e-books these are for those who are fond of books as well s for those who need the books for various reasons. The free e-book downloads are available for those management books as well which are needed by the students and profs. The user downloadsfree Ebooksfrom these websites for free as well as gets them in their device. After the successfuldownloads free E books, the user can read them from their device without the need of anything special.

Sonos Surround Sound

Want a one box solution with built in speakers and amp then get the portable Sonos ZonePlayer S5, its simplicity and superb sound make it an ideal one-box network player. However if you want to use your own speakers and amp then get the ZP90, that will hook up to any equipment, like your home theather system. Most people get a combination, the ZP90 in the living room and a couple of S5s in other rooms around the house.

With Sonos you can to play different music in each room or group rooms together and play the same music on all your devices at the same time. Sonos call this party mode.

You can access millions of songs from a variety of online music stores like Pandora, Napster and Lastfm. Even if you dont actually own the music you want to listen to, you can simply search and play!

Sonos gives you total control, you can play your music wirelessly from the very slick sonos controler, your laptop, or using the free iphone/ipod touch app.

The Kit

You can buy all Sonos items individual to make sure you get the perfect setup for your home. Sonos also sell bundles to get you started in the most cost effective way.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

The S5 wireless music system has 5 integrated speakers and amps that deliver an impressive sound from a single unit. Just like the rest of the Sonos units it can be controlled from your iPhone or iPod Touch with the free app, or via the sonos controller or your laptop.

Its extremely easy to setup, just plug it in any room and enjoy. You can hook up to 32 ZonePlayer S5s together for serious multiroom audio. The S5 can stream internet radio or your own music collection from any computer or NAS drive.

Please note that if this is your only Sonos product you will need either need to hardwire an Ethernet cable into it or purchase the wireless bridge for less than $100.

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP90

The ZonePlayer ZP90 is a non amplified version of the ZP120 base station. It connects to your existing audio equipment like a home theater or stereo system. One ZP90 and a ZP120 are both included in the Sonos Bundle 250, and you can always purchase additional units to expand your wireless music network into more rooms if you wish to.

The ZP90 ZonePlayer was designed for rooms that already have an audio system. You can plug into just about anything from an ipod speaker system to a full surround sound home theater system.

At the back of the ZP90 you will find analog stereo inputs/outputs, two Ethernet connections and two digital audio outputs.

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP120

The Sonos ZP120 is an amplified version of the ZP90, it has a built in 55W per channel amplifier so all you have to do is add speakers, no stereo needed.

The ZP120 has a state of the art digital amplifier that delivers audiophile quality room filling sound. The amplifier has excellent audio quality without crackles, hums or hisses.

This is the newest Sonos ZonePlayer, its very small and compact, the previous model (zp100) was actualy twice its size.

Ratings and Reviews

Sonos is truely an amazing piece of kit, just look at what some these companies are saying about it.
Gadget of the Week

The CR200 is the best Sonos controller money can buy.

PC world — 100 Best Products
Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Ranked #18 out of 100″
If Apple did a home iPod digital music distribution system, we doubt it would be better than this.

Best Six Akg Staple New Earphones Revealed

The perfect combination of headphones and portable music players has left the boundless imagination and expectations of users. GHD MK4 pink Excitingly attractive for less than $ 150 AKG attending IFA with six new headsets formally gave users a great shock and experience.

These six new headphones are AKG K309, K311, K313, K315, K317 and K319. All these cute little devices are well compatible with the iPhone, all models of iPod, other MP3 players, DVD and VCD. Excellent performance, broadcasting high frequency accuracy and low strengths are all the characteristics of AKG headphones.

Furthermore, the design in perspective and the colors are fashionable and comfortable than usual. Makes enjoy music heartily. The task is simple as the left to find the right hearing aid for yourself. Primary tips that deserve to learn straightener uk Maintaining Your Hair

K309: music life, imagination, bright color, good traveling companion, two fashionable colors: cocoa brown water and orange decoration. designer glasses Christmas classic AKG K309 new semi-open design, light, good performance will make you relax under stress at work endless and restless environment when they coincide with something like the iPhone.

AKG actual performance is shown through his excellent bass response and sound performance.

K311: earphone colorful original taste and flavor. AKG K311 has the powerful bass performance and performs brilliantly in any listening level and the sound is clear and undistorted.

There is no other weight of 5 g of semi-open headphones can show such a clear, strong bass, rich or distorted. Enjoy the unforgettable music spontaneously when applied K311.

Three fashion avant-messaging options color: transparent green, purple, transparent and transparent gray cigarettes.

K313: The sound of great unity of the unit is more abundant. AKG K313 is the best choice for music lovers who prefer rich sounds.

Soft earplug of K313 does not make you feel uncomfortable when you are traveling, because it may reduce the discomfort in the ear skin for a long time using. It has two colors to choose from.

K315: Volume can be controlled arbitrarily. semi-open design of the AKG K315 has two kinds of colors: ruby red and black. Through its excellent remote control capabilities, along with its iPhone, iPod or other music players, the two were able to achieve the optimum combination.

Built-in control means that will put your bag or pocket walkman can follow one’s inclinations control volume.

What most impressed the users K315 is the effect of lower bound and clear. You can display any kind of brilliant music and makes users feel they are enjoying the show live. K317: sringara convinient design. White Fashionata AKG K317 is the first weight semi-open headphones 5 grams.K317 ‘s major strengths and the actual sound can be compared with most headphones.

A wire 50 cm long extension will be sent randomly to the headset on the ear. Stereosonic headphone jack and connection for first class make you enjoy music without more work and frustration when using it. AKG K317 is the necessary option for those who often travel.

K319: the ideal high-end in-ear headphones. AKG engineers developed the numerous strong, fine high-end headphone products for 60 years, and the AKG K319 is a new high bit perfect team.

K319 adopts the design of the suspension semi-open, which helps to enhance bass response. In addition, the regulator is equipped with embedded wire, extension cord, adapter and aviation as well as a picture of high quality headphones, and headphones can be used for mobile music.

What can release high-end K319 is party a real audience and live music or a recording studio, publishing is exceeded anticipation around the world for normal headphones.

Scope For A Music Director In Kolkata

Kolkata is inhibited by the lovers of art and music. People of the city have always valued the talent of artists. The city provides a big platform for various aspiring artists. Kolkata has a unique blend of cultures and customs of the world. People from different parts of the globe came to Kolkata and provided their distinctive touch to the city. All kinds of music like jazz, hard rock, heavy metal, Bengali folk, Rabindra Sangeet or movie songs, have their own sets of admirers. Rabindra Sangeet, Bengali folk and adhunik Bengala songs are most popular in the city.

People of the city love to impart training to their young ones in the field of music and dance. They require finding a dedicated Music Teacher in Kolkata to train their children. Kolkata has given innumerable musical talents to the world. Bengali singers, composers, poets and a talented Music Director in Kolkata are known worldwide to do wonders! They create soulful melodies that can provide relief and solace from the hassles of the modern day life. A great musician rightly remarked once that music is the melodious string that connects me to my very true!! Thoughtfully written lyrics and melodious voices singing, various mellow tunes can help anyone unwind completely.

Finding an experienced music teacher in a city that is called the cultural capital of India is just no big deal. One can find a suitable teacher for their children by resorting to a number of ways. For instance, one can simply get in touch with their friends and family members and talk to them in this regard. There are numerous music schools in every environs. Many aspiring young talented singers go to these music schools and attain perfection. One can even try browsing over the internet. This miraculous modern digital media can be of great help for you. The search engines on the internet can display all the required details about the various music teachers in your vicinity.

Training, hard work, dedication is a must for anyone who wants to take up music as his profession. There are simply no shortcuts to success. Getting fine training and guidance at the reputed music schools of the city can help one become a celebrated singer, musician, DJ or a music director as well. There are plenty of avenues for a talented music director. He can launch music albums, or give music in various Tollywood movies. Advertising jingles are also a good way to start in this field. A Music Director in Kolkata also can consider about providing music to various theater events, like dramas, live orchestra, etc. An experienced Music Teacher in Kolkata aims at helping the aspiring singers and musicians to gain perfection in their respective fields. One can learn various styles of music in Kolkata. The music teachers in the city can provide training in a large variety of music. A talented artist has plenty of avenues to explore and create his own niche in the field of music.

Kids Music – Audiation And Learning

An important building block for learning music skills and concepts is audiation. You may be familiar with the term inner hearing. The term audiation (inner hearing of music or silently hearing music) was coined by music education researcher Edwin E. Gordon.

Audiation is Gordons term for hearing music in the mind with understanding. It is the process of thinking music and comprehending music in the mind. Gordon describes audiation as the foundation of musicianship.

Audiation is the process of mentally hearing and comprehending music, even when no physical sound is present. It is a cognitive process by which the brain gives meaning to musical sounds. In essence, audiation of music is analogous to thinking in a language, as said by Edwin E. Gordon

Mary Ellen Pinzino states that audiation is a way of knowing in melody and rhythm. It is a unique human capacity outside the realm of words. To audiate is to “think” music, but in melody and rhythm rather than in words. Audiation is another way of knowing. Audiation is the musical imagination. It is the man-made music of the mind. It is the sound fantasy that provides the framework for understanding the music we listen to, the music we perform, and the music we read and write.

Audiation is a process. It is the construction of meaning in music. It is the process of making musical sense of the music we hear, perform, read, and write. Just as thinking is essential to speaking, listening, reading, and writing language, audiation is essential to tuneful and rhythmic performance, music listening, reading, and writing. Audiation is the whole of music literacy, as said by Mary Ellen Pinzino

Audiation or inner hearing takes place when we silently hear and give meaning to music without the sound, i.e., thinking a melody, clapping a rhythm pattern from a song while thinking the melody. The development of audiation is basic and invaluable in building all musical skills. We should always strive to cultivate the audiation of rhythm and tonal patterns, melodic lines, and phrases. Audiation must be the first step in ones music experience prior to introducing notation, and other aspects of music theory.

Try this exercise to experience audiation or inner hearing. Silently think the melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Did you think one note at a time? Or did you think groups of notes. Did you internally hear the notes as a pattern?

We do the same thing when we silently hear language. We hear words, not letters one at a time. The more words we have in our vocabularies, the better we hear and comprehend the meaning of what we are hearing. Just as we give meaning to language, we must give meaning to music through relevant patterns of tones and rhythms. Likewise, the more tonal and rhythm patterns we have in our music vocabularies, the better we will hear and comprehend the meaning of the music. To help your child or student develop music listening and speaking vocabularies, have the child listen and move to a variety of tunes. Invite them to sing many different melodies.

It is very important to develop audiation or inner hearing and listening skills in the early years of a childs life. What a powerful gift and music foundation to give a child.

Itunes Get Rid Of Duplicate Files And Albums

Creating a large library of music is a lot of fun for some, and highly addictive for others. You do not have to be a techie or computer guru to love music players, but you do need a bit of technical know-how when it comes to keeping your music player running efficiently. This is particularly true when you hear the same song over and over again, but you do not have your music player on repeat!

Wait, what’s going on here? Is my music player broken?

The problem is not that the “repeat” on your music player is not working effectively, but rather the fact that you have duplicate files and albums on your music player. This happens when music collections grow beyond the ability (or time because, let’s face it, we do tend to get lazy with these lists sometimes) to scroll through everything to make sure we are not downloading the same thing more than once.

Now that we have addressed the problem, how can this problem be fixed?

In order to get rid of duplicate files from iTunes, you need a piece of software. In order to finding and deleting duplicate files, it will also delete duplicate albums from iTunes. This software is compatible with any computer, so the worry of purchasing the wrong thing to solve this problem is non-existent.

I’m really new to using computers and computer equipment. Is this software easy to use?

Gone are the days of software tools that are complicated and containing heavy menus. With just one click, this software tool will find and fix the duplicate file problem you are experiencing with your music player. There will be no more repeats of songs or albums unless you actually choose the repeat option! Imagine that!! You will also find that your player will run faster, too, without having so many songs on there that should not have been downloaded in the first place.

Do I have to spend my entire paycheck just to get rid of these duplicate files?

No, this piece of software is not expensive at all in comparison to other software tools necessary to keep music players and other computer equipment optimized. And, more often than not, there is a free trial download of the software available. Not only will this show the consumer how easy this piece of software is to use, it also gives the user plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the product and develop a level of comfort.

It is not uncommon to have many questions when it comes to optimizing the performance of music players, as well as any other computer equipment for that matter. It also is not uncommon to be skeptical. Sure, you may think this piece of software will do nothing more than take up space on your music player or PC. However, considering how small the file tends to be in comparison to other pieces of software commonly found on computer equipment, there really is not anything to worry about.

Four Essential Underground Hip-hop Documentaries For Music Fans

Hip-hop videos are a staple on TV, but for years, underground hip-hop artists and labels have been involved in releasing longer films. Some of these have been mostly collections of hip-hop videos, while others have examined the scene more in-depth. Here are four underground hip-hop documentaries that go beyond plain collections of hip-hop videos.

Style Wars (1983): Before hip-hop videos became a staple on MTV, the world of underground hip-hop was still alien to many. This documentary traces the early breakdancing, MCing, and graffiti scenes in New York, the birthplace of hip-hop.

It was also accompanied by a graffiti photo book of the same name. Live hip-hop videos are combined with interviews and footage from the main characters’ day-to-day lives.

The Show (1995): This big-budget release starring Def Jam founder Russell Simmons was also a hit in theaters. It combined hip-hop videos culled from electric live footage and interviews with some of the biggest names of the time. In it, artists like Dr. Dre, the Notorious B.I.G., and Method Man speak on their journey from the underground hip-hop world to stardom.

Death of an Indie Label (2011): This underground hip-hop movie is unusual in a couple respects. First, it is one of the few to examine a facet of the Detroit underground hip-hop scene in depth. Second, it was uploaded completely onto YouTube by its makers.

The film follows the rise and fall of pioneering Detroit horrorcore rapper Esham and his independent record label, Reel Life Productions. The film combines hip-hop videos by Esham and his artists from the ’90s as well as new interviews that document the personal successes and struggles of Esham and the label’s CEO, James Smith.

A Family Underground (2009): A Family Underground is somewhat related to the above film in that it also examines another side of the Detroit underground hip-hop scene. A Family Underground focuses instead on the Insane Clown Posse and the subculture of its enthusiastic fans, known as juggalos.

The film follows a couple attending the annual Gathering of the Juggalos underground hip-hop and rock festival. Live hip-hop videos, interviews, and fly-on-the-wall type footage combine to turn A Family Underground into almost a sociological narrative.

A Family Underground was released straight to DVD but has sold briskly thanks to its devoted fans. In fact, A Family Underground is the second documentary to be released by ICP’s Psychopathic Records. The first was Shockumentary, in 1997. But where that film focused solely on ICP, A Family Underground examines more the family-like fandom culture surrounding the group.